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  1. Traversing an Array in JavaScript

    Are for loops in JavaScript run at O(n) or O(n^2)?

    JavaScriptOptimizationPerformanceMichael Tang
  2. Front-End Performance for Developers & Designers

    Front-end performance improvment tactics for developers and designers.

    GuidePerformanceOptimizationHTMLCSSJavaScriptHarry Roberts
  3. Performance Tricks for HTML5 Applications

    A nice write up about favicons and browser implementations.

  4. Conditional Loading of Resources with Media Queries Theory

    A quick idea about making mediaqueries conditionally loading/applying styles on demand.

  5. Test Website Perfomance and see Optimizations using WebPageTest

    Test your website performance and see what optimizations you can make using the easy to use WebPageTest tool.

  6. Optimize Browser CSS Rendering Performance

    Avoiding writing inefficient CSS key selectors that match large numbers of elements can speed up page rendering.

  7. When to use Vanilla JavaScript vs. jQuery?

    An excellent StackOverflow question regarding the use of Vanilla JavaScript vs. jQuery.