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  1. List of freely available programming books

    A large list of programming books that are freely available on the Internet.

    Meta-ListsGraphics ProgrammingLanguage AgnosticAndroidAutotoolsASP.NET MVCAssembly LanguageBashC / C++C#ClojureCoffeeScriptColdFusionDB2Delphi / PascalDjangoEmacsErlangFlexF#ForthGitGoGrailsHaskellHTMLCSSJavaJavaScriptJavaScript (Node.js specific)LaTeXLinuxLispLuaMathematicaMavenMercurialNemerle.NET (C# / VB / Nemerle / Visual Studio)NoSQLOberonObjective-COCamlOracle ServerOracle PL/SQLParrotPerl 6PerlPHPPowerShellPrologPostgreSQLPythonRRubyRuby on RailsScalaSchemeSedSmalltalkSubversionSQL (implementation agnostic)TeradataVimWebsphereWindows Phone
  2. Intro to Web Workers

    Dedicated JavaScript web workers for writing multi-theaded JavaScript applications.

    JavaScriptWeb WorkersMulti-ThreadedScaleZapier
  3. JSLint - JavaScript Code Quality Tool

    The toughest and meanest JavaScript Code Quality Tool

    Code QualityToolJavaScriptEvaluateValidation
  4. jQuery UI Touch Punch

    Touch Event Support for jQuery UI

    jQueryJavaScriptjQuery UI
  5. Efficient Javascript Programming

    Simple yet useful techniques to writing efficient JavaScript code.

  6. Traversing an Array in JavaScript

    Are for loops in JavaScript run at O(n) or O(n^2)?

    JavaScriptOptimizationPerformanceMichael Tang
  7. iPhone 5 Website Teardown

    How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and Canvas

    GuideHTML5JavaScriptJSONCanvasDavid Bloom
  8. Front-End Performance for Developers & Designers

    Front-end performance improvment tactics for developers and designers.

    GuidePerformanceOptimizationHTMLCSSJavaScriptHarry Roberts
  9. Performance Tricks for HTML5 Applications

    A nice write up about favicons and browser implementations.

  10. Douglas Crockford’s Function Challenges

    Test your knowledge of function scope and and learn to compose functions that can be called multiple times through function returns.

    JavaScriptDouglas CrockfordTutorialFrontEnd MastersCourse
  11. When to use Vanilla JavaScript vs. jQuery?

    An excellent StackOverflow question regarding the use of Vanilla JavaScript vs. jQuery.

  12. jQuery Transit - Super-smooth CSS transitions & transformations for jQuery

    Create super-smooth CSS transitions and do interesting transformations using jQuery.

  13. Bootstrap Hero - Twitter Bootstrap Resources

    A big badass list of 286 (last I checked) useful Twitter Bootstrap Resources.

  14. JSHint

    JSHint is a tool to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript code and can be used to enforce coding conventions.

    JavaScriptjQueryCode QualityToolEvaluateValidation